Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday Stash Status

Weeks ending 10/11 and 10/18:

Stash Acquired:

1.5 yds lizzy house jewels in coral and green

I ordered 3 yards of fabric to make a dress (so it doesn't count towards stash), and it wasn't quite enough dollar wise to get free shipping.  so either i had to pay $7.95 shipping, or i could buy another yard and a half of fabric (less than $12 on sale) and get free shipping.  SO I ordered some nice stash basics.

Stash Used/Disposed of:

9 yds for six divided baskets
1 yd for Kitty Mini Quilt Swap mini and fabric gifts
1.5 yds for cathedral windows pillow and binding
TOTAL:  11.5 yrds

I'd say this was a pretty good week for stash busting!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Saturday Stash Status - The Really, Really Late Edition


Fabric,com had Ghastlies on sale, so I had to order some more, right?  And I had to order some cotton + steel to get up to $35 to get free shipping, of course!  And then another online shop was having a great going out of business sale.  Too tempting!

Week ending 10-3-2014:

Stash Acquired:
3.5 yds Ghastlies
1.0 yd cotton + steel
4.5 yds assorted fabrics

TOTAL:  9 yds

Stash Used:
4.5 yds more divided baskets
4 11/12 yds binding, backing and background for string quilt
7/12 yd Kitty Mini Quilt

TOTAL:  10 yds

Even though I bought fabric this week, at least I used more than I brought in!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Finishes

My first finish for today,chronologically speaking, is my Feathers Quilt, made from an Alison Glass Designs pattern.  I participated in a QAL for this quilt back in January/February, and finished the top within the time of the QAL, but then I just couldn't decide how to quilt it.  Finally, I decided to have my friend Pam quilt it on her long arm.  Pam always does amazing work, and I knew that together we could come up with a fantastic plan for my quilt.  I wasn't wrong!  I love how the quilting turned out so much!  It's a nice size, at 55" x 66" and so snuggly soft!

My second finish was my Cross Stitch Sparkle quilt, which I made pattern testing for Sara Peterson of Knotty Gnome.  You can see my quilt on her blog today, along with info on purchasing the pattern on Craftsy!  My quilt finished at 54" x 54", and I wish I'd made it even bigger, although I was pretty sick of trimming all those half square triangles!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

2014 in Review - 3rd Quarter Status Report

Wow!  Can you believe it's October already?  I can't!  And before I know it, 2015 will be here, but before that there's Quilt Market, my birthday, Quilt Festival, a quilting retreat, M's birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!

Back in January, I set goals for 2014 in the following categories: financial, health, home and quilting and sewing.

Here's the list of my quilting and sewing goals:

1.  learn to use my serger - for reals this year
2.  complete more of my WIPs, and acknowledge that it's okay to give away or discard projects i'll never finish!
3.  make at least 4 quilts for charity
4.  participate in Feathers QAL and finish quilt promptly
5.  keep using the fabric i have instead of purchasing more, and limit new purchases (basic solids purchases are okay, but try to keep other fabric purchases down to less than 2 yds per month
6.  continue with the garment sewing and use up the garment fabric i've already purchased
7. make a quilt with my hoarded jay mccarroll fabrics

So, how am I doing so far?

#1 - ummm, no serger attempts yet!

#2 - no progress this quarter, sadly.  

#3 - three done and one to be finished this month, so i'm on track with this goal

#4 - I got my Feathers quilt top done promptly but then couldn't decide how i wanted it quilted.  I finally got Pam to quilt it on her long arm, then got the binding done and got it finished in late August.  Not exactly "promptly" by any stretch of the imagination, but at least it's done!

#5 - I've totally failed with this goal, as I've purchased around 250 yards of fabric, and used roughly 200 yards. My original usage goal was 200 yards, which I've achieved, but when I went bonkers with the fabric purchases, I upped my goal.   Quilt Market and Quilt Festival are just around the corner and sure to be filled with too many temptations!

#6 - September was the month I drank the Kool-aid and made SEVEN pairs of City Gym Shorts from the Purl Soho pattern,  I wear them almost every day!

#7 - I still haven't made a whole quilt using my hoarded Jay McCarroll fabrics.  I've really been wanting to make a medallion quilt, and I'm waffling between using these fabrics or making it scrappy.

I'm thinking goal #1 gets punted to next year AGAIN.  But #7 is definitely achievable by the end of the year.  Now let's see what I can accomplish in the 4th quarter of 2014!

3rd Quarter Small Object Finishes (not all are included):

3rd Quarter 2014 Quilt Finishes:

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Weekly List

Well, kids, I got my Cross Stitch Sparkle Quilt finished over the weekend, and Jacey kindly came over this morning and took photos of it (and my Feathers quilt), so you'll be seeing both of those soo.

I also made a Ghastlies Divided Basket from the pattern by Anna Graham (aka Noodlehead).  I just love this pattern!  it's so much easier thanyou'd think and goes together so quickly!

I have plans to meet a friend for some sewing on Sunday, and I plan to make a similar one to keep for myself.

And while I still haven't picked a pattern for my miniquilt for the Kitty Mini Swap, I have gotten a better feel for what my partner likes, and I've started selecting fabrics.  

Goals for this week:

1. Select and cut background fabric for yellow & grey string quilt

2. Make a divided basket for myself

3. Package and mail Ghastlies Swap package to my partner

Not too ambitious of a week, but I've got a lot of work stuff going on this week, and sometime during the next two and a half weeks I have to do our 2013 tax return.  yikes!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Saturday Stash Status

This week I didn't acquire ANY fabric!!!! (okay, confession, i did order some from a really good online sale of a shop closing up, but it won't arrive - and be counted - until next week.)

Week ending 9-27-2014:

Fabric Acquired: NONE

Fabric Used: 
2.5 yds yellow and grey string blocks
3.5 yds backing and binding for cross stitch sparkle quilt
.25 yds Ghastlies potholders

TOTAL:  6.25 yds

while i've totally failed at sticking to my fabric acquisition goals for the year, i'm not doing so badly on fabric usage.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Finishes

I've had several quilt finishes lately, but haven't gotten around to sharing for one reason or another. The first finish I'm sharing today is a churn dash quilt I made as a housewarming present for my friend Safieh.  I killed two birds with one stone with this quilt, because it was also made testing the Kwik-ly Churned About Pattern from Two Kwik Quilters.  

I love the pattern because it gives instructions for multiple sizes of churn dash blocks, then shows combinations to use for a variety of sizes of quilts.  if none of the layouts strikes your fancy, you can easily combine blocks to form your own design, as the blocks are sized in multiples of 3" so that they all play nicely together!

I was in such a rush to finish this and gift it to Safieh that I didn't take any pictures!  She was kind enough to take these so I could blog about my finish!

I quilted an allover FMQ spiral flower design that washed up all nice and crinkly for a super-soft snuggly quilt!  Safieh and Coco both approve!

My next finished quilt was for my stepson's girlfriend.  A few months ago he asked me to make her a quilt for their one year anniversary, with green and the Baylor logo in gold, as he's an alumnus and she's a senior this year.

I chose to make a patchwork background of 4.5" squares in all shades of green, then cut the monogram out of a patchwork of smaller yellow and gold squares and appliqued it on with a blanket stitch.

He texted me the picture below, after he had given her the quilt, to show me how much she loved it!  Apparently she's now using my quilt instead of her comforter!