Sunday, September 28, 2014

Saturday Stash Status

This week I didn't acquire ANY fabric!!!! (okay, confession, i did order some from a really good online sale of a shop closing up, but it won't arrive - and be counted - until next week.)

Week ending 9-27-2014:

Fabric Acquired: NONE

Fabric Used: 
2.5 yds yellow and grey string blocks
3.5 yds backing and binding for cross stitch sparkle quilt
.25 yds Ghastlies potholders

TOTAL:  6.25 yds

while i've totally failed at sticking to my fabric acquisition goals for the year, i'm not doing so badly on fabric usage.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Finishes

I've had several quilt finishes lately, but haven't gotten around to sharing for one reason or another. The first finish I'm sharing today is a churn dash quilt I made as a housewarming present for my friend Safieh.  I killed two birds with one stone with this quilt, because it was also made testing the Kwik-ly Churned About Pattern from Two Kwik Quilters.  

I love the pattern because it gives instructions for multiple sizes of churn dash blocks, then shows combinations to use for a variety of sizes of quilts.  if none of the layouts strikes your fancy, you can easily combine blocks to form your own design, as the blocks are sized in multiples of 3" so that they all play nicely together!

I was in such a rush to finish this and gift it to Safieh that I didn't take any pictures!  She was kind enough to take these so I could blog about my finish!

I quilted an allover FMQ spiral flower design that washed up all nice and crinkly for a super-soft snuggly quilt!  Safieh and Coco both approve!

My next finished quilt was for my stepson's girlfriend.  A few months ago he asked me to make her a quilt for their one year anniversary, with green and the Baylor logo in gold, as he's an alumnus and she's a senior this year.

I chose to make a patchwork background of 4.5" squares in all shades of green, then cut the monogram out of a patchwork of smaller yellow and gold squares and appliqued it on with a blanket stitch.

He texted me the picture below, after he had given her the quilt, to show me how much she loved it!  Apparently she's now using my quilt instead of her comforter!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Weekly List

Last week I finally drank the kool-aid, and made a pair of city gym shorts, but only to wear as pjs.  I loved them so much I made three more.  Then two more.  And finally a pair out of fabric I could wear out of the house.  Yeah.  They're that easy and that comfortable!

It's kind of hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to, I think I'd pick the flannel zebras with glasses.  The dia de los muertos ones are a close second, though.

I really want to make more, but come on, how many pairs do I really need!  I did print out the kids sized pattern, too, though, so I can make some for my niece!

I've been plugging away on my Cross Stitch Sparkle blocks, and I hope to have the top finished by Tuesday, so I can baste it and get it quilted by the end of next weekend.

Goals for the week:

1. get Cross Stitch Sparkle top assembled, basted and quilted
2. Ghastlies divided basket
3. decide on a pattern for Kitty Mini for swap.

Saturday Stash Status

yeah.  i bought fabric.  oops.

week ending 9-20-2014:

Fabric acquired:  8 yds (pictured above)
                           10 yds widescreen architextures backings in grey, blue, mustard and white
TOTAL:  18 yds acquired

Fabric used:
1.5 yds hexy plus table topper
1.00 yd tote bag for HMQG swap
8.75 yds seven pairs of city gym shorts!
TOTAL:  11.25 yds used

I have got to quit buying fabric, or start destashing!  my purchases this week were a) specific fabrics for city gym shorts, b) some low volume to replenish stash,  c) basic almost-solids to replenish stash, and d) wide backings, so I don't always have to piece backings.  good reasons for purchases, but i'm WAY over my goal for this year!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Saturday Stash Status - Cutest Fabric EVER Edition

I went to a quilt show yesterday, and I only bought 2 yards of the fabric pictured above! I couldn't resist, because cats.  who love to read.  and wear glasses.  and I had to buy two yards, because what if I want to make something like, say, a pair of city gym shorts, or pjs, or . . .   you get my drift, right?  I probably should have bought four yards.

At any rate, I made two divided baskets this week, so that used up two yards of fabrics, making this week is a wash.

Week ending 9/13/2014:

Stash acquired - 2 yds i heart to read fabric

Stash Used: - 2 yds for two divided baskets

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Weekly List

i know it's been a while, but i can assure you i've been busy!  i'm transitioning from one job to another, so balancing both has been stressful, in addition to keeping me busy.  i have squeezed in sewing time, though!

i have three finished quilts that were completed during the last two weeks.  one i gifted BEFORE i took pictures, so the recipient is supposed to take some for me.  the other two i need to photograph, but it's been wet and nasty here almost every afternoon, and my pictures are bad enough without adding rain and overcast skies into the mix.

while i can't show you the three larger quilts i finished, here's some of the smaller things i've finished up for some swaps i'm in:

somehow, after having not participated in but one swap for ages, i suddenly find myself signed up for FOUR:  a fox swap, a unicorn swap, a kitty mini swap, and a ghastlies swap!

the fox pouch is from Issue 18 of Fat Quarterly, the zakka issue.  i'd never done raw edge applique like this before, but i love how it turned out so much that i made a second pouch to keep for myself! i also made a mug rug for my partner, and have already put the mug rug, some fox fabric, and some other goodies inside the pouch so it's ready to mail soon.

i made a unicorn mini (it measures approximately 12" wide and 10"tall), using some heather ross, some alison glass, and even some cotton + steel.  i love the colors in this mini, and i hope my partner does, too!

work is still going to be busy this week, and i'm scheduled for jury duty on tuesday!  good thing i have a new cross stitch kit i can take to work on while i sit around and wait NOT to get picked.

goals for the week:

1. photograph baylor quilt and feathers quilt
2. blog about one of the finishes
3. make a backing for ghastlies quilt
4. plan ghastlies mini

here's to a productive week!

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Weekly List

so, i was MUCH less productive than anticipated last week, mostly due to work.  and then my sewing machine was screwing up, and i had to take it to the "spa" where it's now spending a few days.

thanks to a good friend who loaned me her machine, which is the same as mine, i was able to finish quilting the churn dash quilt on saturday night, and sew the binding to the front on sunday.

with my machine out of commission for at least most of this week, as well as a ton of stuff piling up on the work front, i've got limited sewing capacity this week.


1. hand stitch binding on churn dash quilt
2. hand stitch binding on feathers quilt
3. photograph both quilts