Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Weekly List

I had another productive week and am pretty proud of what I managed to get accomplished!  I finished one of the AMH quilts and have the other completely quilted and ready to bind.  I also remembered to take my Feathers quilt to yesterday's HMQG meeting to hand off to Pam to long arm quilt.  Finally, I made more progress on my Pixel Scissors quilt - i have the bottom third done, two of the other six blocks completely done, and another block of rows ready to be sewn together!

Goals for this week:

1.  finish second AMH quilt
2.  finish blocks for pixel scissors quilt, prepare binding and backing
3.  photograph AMH quilts
4.  piece backing and prep binding for Ghastlies quilt
5.  make two pincushions for a swap

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday Stash Status

week ending 7/19/2014:

Stash acquired: NONE

Stash used/disposed of:

3.5 yds low volume prints
.75 yds black and dark grey prints
TOTAL: 4.25 yds used

still waiting on my cotton + steel to arrive, so no other new purchases, and trying my darnedest to be using up stash!

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Weekly List

I had a pretty productive week again, meeting most of my goals.

First, I got the Sherbet Pips mini quilt bound and off in the mail to one of this month's birthday club birthday girls.  I cut the binding on the bias, and I love how it looks!  The birthday girl received it and loves it, too!

I also got both Anna Maria Horner quilts basted, and while I didn't finish quilting the first one, I did make good progress considering I decided against straight line quilting and am doing a different free motion design in each section,

My Spring Carnival paper pieced project got punted again, solely because I can't find it!! I last had it in mid-April, when I basted the paper pieced section to the background.  Now I can't figure out where I put it!

I also managed to start a new project while I was waiting on my basting help, and also whipped out some wonky cross blocks for the Houston Modern Quilt Guild charity block of the month.

Goals for this week:

1.  Finish quilting and bind AMH quilt no. 1
2.  Hand off Feathers Quilt to Pam to long arm
3.  Start quilting AMH quilt no. 2
4.  Finish at least one more section of Pixel Scissors

What is everyone else working on this week?

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday Stash Status

Week ending 7/12/2014:

Stash Acquired:  NONE

Stash Used/Disposed of:
1 yard - gifted to friend who was ISO these prints
1.5 yds - donation for HMQG raffle
1.5 yds - charity blocks for HMQG
TOTAL:  4 yds

not a great week for usage, but at least i used up some fabric and didn't buy any more!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Finish - Polaroid Quilt

Last fall, I jumped on the Polaroid block bandwagon, joined a group swap, and did a handful of private swaps.  I ended up with a staggering number of blocks - over 400 if I remember correctly!

I admired my pretty blocks, then they went into a bag to keep them all together, and there they sat, forgotten.

When planning for Stash Bash 2014 back in April, I decided I'd take my blocks to work on.  In anticipation, I sorted through my blocks, and weeded out duplicates and ones I just didn't love.  Then I trimmed, trimmed and trimmed some more!

I made a decent start at Stash Bash, sorting my blocks into themed groups, and getting a good section sashed and pieced.  One of the other attendees even told me about a woman who was collecting Polaroid blocks for charity quilts, so I was able to find a good home for my leftover blocks, too.
I loved my Ghastlies Polaroids - made by my dear friend Liz - so much that I kept them separate and made a mini quilt for my sewing room!

A few more marathon sewing sessions after I returned home resulted in a lovely top, which I sent out to be long arm quilted by my friend Pam Biswas.
I love the finished quilt, but, like many quilts in my house, this one has been claimed by a cat!
If I'm lucky, he'll share!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Weekly List

i've been pretty productive the past two weeks, despite having my parents and niece in for a whole week and being down a couple of days sick.

i made a miniquilt for the Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt Swap and mailed it off to my partner, who should receive it tomorrow.

i liked it so much that i made an almost identical one for the minquilt swap for the upcoming Houston Modern Quilt Guild at our July meeting:

then i finally got off my ass and made another mini (this one's 30" x 30") for the Michael Miller Challenge for the Modern Quilt Guild. i quilted it with a simple crosshatch, which seems to work well, although it took for-ev-er!  i like the finished quilt more than i thought i would, but my mom has dibs on it to gift to a friend she works with.

then i revisited the Round & Round pattern by Thimbleblossoms one more time to make yet another mini!
i think i'm done with this pattern, at least for a while.

finally, i started and have almost finished another mini (24" x 24") using more of my Sherbet Pips stash and the tutorial for the Rolling Diamonds block by KnottyGnome.

i wonder how much i can get accomplished this week!

goals for the week:

1.  finish binding rolling diamonds mini
2.  baste both AMH quilts
3.  quilt one of the two AMH quilts
4.  work on Spring Carnival WIP

i've also got two swap packages i'd really like to get in the mail before the deadline and some fabric to photograph and measure for destashing.

what have YOU got on your list for the week?

Saturday Stash Status - The Late Edition

i bought fabric this week.  most of it was "allowed."  i got bolts of two shades of moda bella greys and a bolt of mochi linen in slate.  then i was a jo-ann and stumbled across a lovely grey crosshatch that was on sale and therefore irresistible.

week ending July 5, 2014:

Stash acquired:
11 yds Mochi Linen in Slate
17 yds Moda Bella Steel
12 yds Moda Bella Grey
2.5 yds grey crosshatch
TOTAL:  42.5 yds

Stash used:
2 yds Patchwork Heart Mini
1 yd Round & Round Mini #3
.5 yd gifted to a friend
1.25 yds Rolling Diamonds table topper
TOTAL:  4.75 yds

i feel kinda guilty having bought this much fabric, especially since my huge cotton + steel order should arrive soon, but i genuinely needed the linen, as i was down to less than a yard from a previous bolt, and i was all out of a nice medium grey, which the steel replenishes.  the grey (the lighter of the two solids) isn't that much darker than zen grey, but i'm almost out of that as well.

i'm pleased with my fabric usage for the week, especially since my family was visiting for the whole week, and i had a sick spell, both of which decreased my sewing time!

i've got big sewing plans for this coming week, but sadly, they focus on finishing two quilts i've already counted the fabric usage for!