Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 - A Year of Finishes

I feel like I made a lot of quilts this year - twenty, not counting minis - but last year I made twenty-five.  Some of these were started in 2014, some in 2013, and a few well before that!

Looking back, I'm pleased with what I accomplished, though my numbers are less than in 2013.  I finished things I never thought would get done (the hand pieced hexies baby quilt), and tried new things and stretched myself (the Color Party quilt, the pixelated scissors, and the Cross Stitch Sparkle quilt).

I also seem to have done more selfish sewing, in that 40% of this year's quilts stayed with me or my husband, versus 20% from last year.  That being said, I made a lot of mini quilts and other handmade items for lots of people this year.

I finished all but one of my 2013 WIPs, but I didn't make such great progress on my pre-2013 WIPS.  I finished 4 of 9, made progress on another, but didn't touch the other four!

I started 2014 with 9 WIPS, and ended the year with 8, so that's progress I suppose.  That's four from before 2013, one from 2013, and three from 2014.

Here's to a productive 2015!

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smazoochie said...

Long time no blog -- but I see why -- you've been kicking some quilt-making butt!
Well done!