Thursday, October 23, 2014

To Market, To Market,Jig a Jig Jig and Binge-Sewing

I'm going to Quilt Market!  I'm super excited, and I even whipped up a badge holder this week.  I made one for a friend, too, but she took it away before I could photograph hers!  I drafted my own pattern, and mine, being the first attempt, is not quite right.  the portion at the bottom with the clear vinyl needed to be a wee bit taller, as the top part of my badge is hidden under the fabric edging.  And I got the strap twisted once when I sewed it on.  Oops.  Liz's was much improved, being the right size, the strap not twisted, and even lined!

Other than that, even though I haven't blogged, I've been busy.  Remember how September was the month of binge-sewing City Gym Shorts?  Well, this month, Santa's Little Sweatshop geared up here in Houston, and I've been binge-sewing Divided Baskets from the pattern by Anna Graham (aka Noodlehead).

Back in September, I made the first one for a birthday swapping club I'm in, and was amazed at how simple the pattern was!

Then I made one to give to a friend later in the year:

And another for a birthday present:

Then one for the Ghastlies swap:

And another Ghastlies one for a friend:

Then I FINALLY made one for myself:

Then, not pictured because she swooped it up almost as soon as I'd finished it, I made a very similar one for my friend Liz.

Then I started in on the Christmas presents:

All total, I've now made FOURTEEN of these super darling baskets!  I know I need at least ten or twelve more,  I'm having such fun choosing fabrics from my stash for these.  All of them aren't to my taste, but they're presents for other people, so I've tried to make baskets I think they will like.  They're a great stashbuster, at 1.5 yds of fabric per basket, too!

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Tsoniki said...

Great baskets! I haven't made that pattern yet but it looks so good. Maybe I need to make a few for Christmas gifts as well!