Monday, October 6, 2014

Saturday Stash Status - The Really, Really Late Edition


Fabric,com had Ghastlies on sale, so I had to order some more, right?  And I had to order some cotton + steel to get up to $35 to get free shipping, of course!  And then another online shop was having a great going out of business sale.  Too tempting!

Week ending 10-3-2014:

Stash Acquired:
3.5 yds Ghastlies
1.0 yd cotton + steel
4.5 yds assorted fabrics

TOTAL:  9 yds

Stash Used:
4.5 yds more divided baskets
4 11/12 yds binding, backing and background for string quilt
7/12 yd Kitty Mini Quilt

TOTAL:  10 yds

Even though I bought fabric this week, at least I used more than I brought in!

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