Wednesday, July 4, 2012

WIP Wednesday

new wave quilt

back in, oh, early 2010, i saw oh, fransson's new wave quilt pattern and knew i had to make it.  i also modified it!  i had a lot of black and white prints already cut into strips leftover from my black & white log cabin quilt so i decided to use strips to piece each "wave."  i started early on a saturday morning, and by that afternoon, i had an entire quilt top.  unfortunately, in typical fashion for me, i read the instructions once and didn't go back again, so my sashing was about twice as wide as the pattern called for.  oops!

i had finished a quilt top in a mere day, and then what did i do?  NOTHING!  two years later, this quilt got added to my WIP list and put on the schedule for finishing in 2012.  i pulled it out last week and pieced a backing entirely from my stash, then safieh helped me get it basted on saturday.  i echo quilted inside each side of each wave about 1/2" and decided to leave it at that so the quilt would be nice and floppy.  with safieh's help, i chose to do the binding in the same solid red as the sashing, which was perfect since i still had a huge wad of it! now the binding has been stitched to the front by machine and all i have to do is stitch it to the back by hand while i zone out to some mindless tv or chat with my mom while she's visiting!  i'm hopeful that i'll have it finished in time for a Friday Finish post!

pieced back for new wave quilt

Hope everyone has a happy 4th of July!


smazoochie said...

I LOVE it! Another great finish!

Jacey said...

It's really awesome. I love that you pieced with scraps!