Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Finish - 12 in '12 Challenge

back in january, when i was pulling out all of my WIPs to catalog, M whined that he didn't have a quilt. so, i told him he could have one of my WIPs, a bed-sized black and white log cabin quilt, when i finished it. secretly, i planned to finish it in time for it to be his valentine's day gift.

i hit my first stumbling block when i couldn't find the binding i had previously prepared for this quilt! M helped me go through the closet in my sewing room, all the drawers and cabinets, too, and we STILL couldn't find it. i ended up making new binding, though i wasn't entirely happy with my choice after i sewed it on.

the saturday before valentine's day, M had a shift with his rodeo committee, so i got up pretty early, sewed the binding on by machine, and curled up in bed to stitch the binding to the back with hand stitching. about 2/3 of the way in, M came home and lay down in bed next to me. he promptly dozed off, and i finished it and spread the quilt out over him while he slept. four out of four cats took the opportunity to give the new quilt their paw of approval.

M loves it, and it's now on our bed until i get the lime green string quilt finished, hopefully by the end of march in time for that one to be an anniversary present! it felt really, really good to get this finished and be able to cross it off my WIP list!

so, what did YOU finish this month? don't forget to go link up to your finished project at Fat Chick Quilts: February Finish Link Up! to be entered into a giveaway!

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