Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WIP Wednesday

i'm supposed to be working on my green string quilt so i can get it to the long armer next weekend, but it just hasn't happened!

last weekend, some members of the Houston Modern Quilt Guild met to cut up donated fabric into kits so that on our sew in day on march 10, we have kits ready to sew up quilts and pillowcases to donate to Star of Hope. i ended up bringing home three different sets of fabrics to make into kits/sew up.

the first one started with a donated block.
deirdre had received the cutest embroidered block in a swap, but she just didn't know what to do with it. i started with the block as my center, and added three rings of different fabrics around the block in different widths, so that i ended up with a baby-sized quilt approximately 40" square. i've cut backing (donated solid blue flannel) and batting, so i just need to baste and quilt this one. my goal is to get this one finished by the end of the weekend.
platypus charity quilt
for the second quilt, in one of the bags of fabric donated through the church where our guild meets, i found a stack of strips, each made with 4 2.5" squares in pastel prints. i also found some coordinating scraps and strips, as well as some benjamin bunny border print strips. i had enough pre-pieced strips to make 8 8.5" 16-patch blocks, and i cut enough squares to make 7 more. i sewed my blocks into three rows of five blocks each, and pieced border strips together to get three strips to alternate with the rows of block. my third strip was about 6" too short, but i found a large rectangle of another benjamin bunny print, so i cut two pieces, each 3.5" wide to piece to either end of the strip, and that one will go in the middle of the quilt for symmetry. i also found enough coordinating light blue prints to use for the binding, and a solid light blue for the backing. i've got all of my blocks done, but still have 2 rows worth to sew together, then my rows need to be sewn together. i also still need to cut backing and batting.
Benjamin Bunny charity quilt
i'll blog about the third quilt next week, when i've had time to settle on a pattern.
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