Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Weekly List

last week was fairly productive quilting-wise.  on sunday, we took a small roadtrip to Round Top to visit M's Aunt Charlotte.  i took my 1930s star quilt in the car and managed to get another of the 9 stars almost fully quilted.  with another handquilting session later in the week, i finished that star, meaning that i now have 7 of the 9 stars quilted!

monday night i saw erin at the sew-in for the Houston Modern Quilt Guild and was able to pass off the 1930s sampler quilt to her for quilting on her longarm. she thinks she can have it finished and bring it back to me at the July 20th meeting, so i should be able to have the binding done and get it on our second guest bed by the end of july!

throughout the week i worked on my drunkard's path blocks, and got more done than i had anticipated. i even had time to piece a backing and prepare the binding for my black and white new wave quilt.  yesterday morning safieh came over and helped me baste it, and then i was able to start quilting it.  M really likes this one and has claimed it for himself!

this week, though, my parents are coming for a visit mid-week and staying through the weekend.  they're also bringing 5 year old Emily.  needless to say, i don't think i'll be getting in too much sewing after wednesday morning!

goals for this week:

--> finish quilting new wave quilt
--> pick and prepare binding for embroiderbee quilt
--> keep on making more drunkard's path blocks!
--> if i buy the pattern, get a wiksten tank cut out and maybe sewn

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Jacey said...

Very very productive! See you soon, friend!