Wednesday, April 30, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Churn Dash Baby Quilt

Last Friday while I was at The Stash Bash I got an email from one of M's nieces saying she was hosting a baby shower for another niece on Saturday next.  Nothing like a week's notice to churn out a quilt, especially since I wouldn't be home returning for another three days!

I decided on the floating churn dash pattern (with background strips added to two adjacent sides to create more negative space) and once I got home pulled an assortment of greys and hot pinks, being the nursery colors and matching the screen shot of the bedding I was sent.

Here's the bedding:

Initially, I pulled lavender fabrics, because the bedding comes in two colorways, and I was looking at the wrong one!

Here are the pink fabrics I initially pulled:

Last night I cut fabrics and sewed up the six grey blocks, as it was easier for me to choose greys than pinks!

Here are the pinks I settled on, with the solid as my binding:


looking at this picture, I feel like the bike path print is kind of out of place, it being so much darker than the others, but I really love it.

I'm really loving how this quilt is turning out.  I've already done the math to resize the blocks down to a 4" finished block so I can make a mini!

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Anonymous said...

I feel like I got a preview of this blog post via text message! Can't wait to see how the whole thing turns out, you know how I loooove churn dashes!