Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Weekly List

things may have been quiet around here, but i was definitely busy sewing, though not necessarily with things on my list!

i finished the placemats i was working on, and made a few potholders, some for gifts and some for myself,  my mom came to visit, saw them and asked me to make some for her to give as gifts, so i made two more sets.

i made a quilt top, which i can't show you yet, using Patty Sloniger's upcoming line for Michael Miller, Emma's Garden.  The fabrics are luscious colors, and wonderful focus prints and blenders!  i'll definitely be buying yardage when it's released for sale!

i made a pillow cover.  i was going to give it away, but M convinced me to keep it for myself.  i love the dense quilting and the feathers!

i made myself a pair of pjs to take to Stash Bash, and a pouch to match the Weekender bag Liz made me for my birthday.

speaking of Stash Bash, it's this week!  Jacey, Liz, Tammy and I are roadtripping to Atlanta on Wednesday, so i've been busy pulling together my projects to take and packing stuff!

i've got a pieces cut out and prepped for a Super Tote and a Sew Together bag, and i can't wait to get those sewn up!  i also packed my polaroid blocks from last fall to finish trimming and start assembling into a quilt top.  i've got pieces cut and ready to go to make four more potholders, and a couple of other in-progress-projects packed to work on, too.

here's hoping i get lots done this week!

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smazoochie said...

You've gotten LOTS done! Your fmq skills are soaring, love the feathers!