Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ugly Christmas Quilts

every year i spend time, money and effort picking out gifts for my sisters-in-law and M's niece.  every year they seem less than impressed.

this year, i'm trying a new strategy.  several factors went into my decisions: 1) i'm tired of spending money on gifts that aren't appreciated. 2) i have a crapton of fabric. 3) i recently got a mid-arm straight stitch machine that i need to practice my FMQ on.

thus was born the Ugly Christmas Quilts Project!  a win-win all around, i think.  i get to use up fabric i hate, practice my FMQ, and not spend any actual cash.  win for them, because odds are, even though i hate this fabric, they will love their quilts!

for oldest sister #1 (this one has been particularly mean to me!) a nine-patch in "delightful" country colors with sashing, backed with a woodsy, lodgy moose print.  she loves the "log cabin" style of decor, so this is fitting!

Christmas Nine Patch with Sashing

Christmas Nine Patch with Sashing - Back

for sister #1's twin (who has been somewhat nicer):  a pinwheel sampler in country colors (i just finished the top last night, so no pics of this one yet!)

for youngest sister:  snowmen (she looooooves snowmen)

Snowman Tinker Quilt

photoSnowman Tinker Quilt - pieced back

for neice - a boring postage stamp quilt with a simple pieced back:

Christmas Postage Stamp Quilt

Christmas Postage Stamp Quilt - pieced back

so, which one do YOU like best/least?


Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said...

LOVE your thinking!! I have in-law's like that - I may use your idea for next year! Well done busting through your stash!

smazoochie said...

I trust none of your kins-women read your blog.
I hope that your hard work is appreciated.
If not, next year, consumables: food, drink, soaps, lotions.
Good luck & Merry Christmas!

Fi said...

hahhahahah I love this post. Best ever. Also fave is plain postage and least fave is that log cabin inspired just because those colors are so not me.