Monday, December 16, 2013

The Weekly List (for reals this time!)

so, last week was a fail.  i made more cat blocks for the catvent quilt along.  yeah.  then sunday night, last minute, i was going to sash the christmas pinwheel blocks, and i realized i was two blocks short.  um, yeah.  so i whipped up two more blocks, then sashed two of the four rows before we had to leave for dinner to meet my step-son's girlfriend.  (fyi - i really liked her; she's the cutest tiny little thing!)

tonight i need to step up my game.  i didn't even make the saturday and sunday cat blocks.

and did i mention that there's only like NINE MORE DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS?!?!?!

i think this calls for daily goals:

Monday: finish sashing pinwheel blocks and assemble top; saturday, sunday and monday cat blocks
Tuesday: piece backing for Christmas pinwheels and cut batting; finish prepping binding
Wednesday: tuesday and wednesday cat blocks; four double-sided christmas napkins; cut fabric for christmas placemats
Thursday: no sewing as i've got other plans
Friday: thursday and friday cat blocks
Saturday: quilt Christmas Pinwheels during long-arm rental time
Sunday: bind Christmas Pinwheels quilt; make Christmas placemats

um, yeah.  good luck with that.  hopefully it'll all work out!

1 comment:

smazoochie said...

Oh dear.
Don't hurt yourself, if the quilts aren't finished, there's always next year -- this year: Goode Company Pecan Pie!