Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What's Been Happening Wednesday

i know, i know . . . i've been a slacker with keeping up with blogging lately.  mea culpa.

anyhow, i have been busy.

a couple of saturdays ago, i showed a friend how to make a zipper pouch, using noodlehead's open wide pouch tutorial.  while she made 1, i made 2, a small and a medium, to take with me on my upcoming trip to Turkey.  i lined the smaller one with clear vinyl, which was a huge PITA and i won't be doing that again!  i did modify the size a bit to make my pouches taller than the pattern called for.

noodlehead open-wide pouch #1
noodlehead open-wide pouch #2

i also whipped up a baby quilt for M's niece, Amanda, who's due with a baby boy next month.  i used jeni baker's Giant Star tutorial, modifying it to be about 1/3 smaller since it's a baby quilt.  the top whipped up super fast.  unfortunately, i decided to use straight line quilting, about 1/2" apart, on the four main quadrants, plus each corner.  um, yeah, not so quick.  i think i spent over 8 hours on the quilting!

Baby Quilt for M's Niece Amanda

Baby Quilt for M's Niece Amanda

by the way, that's my mom as the quilt zombie in those pics!

i also finished the last seven of these blocks:


so now i have 49, enough for a 42" square baby quilt.  i'd like to get the papers all ripped off the back and the top pieced this week, but i'm not sure how feasible that is.

at any rate, i've gotten a fair bit accomplished lately, although some projects i'd intended to finish got put on the back burner.  with a full day garment sewing class on Saturday, a wedding out of town the following weekend, our tax return to prepare, and our two week vacay only three weeks away, i don't anticipate getting much done for the next month!

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smazoochie said...

I don't know what "pita" means.
Looks like you've done quite a lot! Yay Mom! Photo-bombing the baby quilt snap!
Turkey?!? Everyone is going to Turkey!