Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Weekly List - Late Again!

 i've been so busy the past two weeks, i forgot to blog!

i'm 6/7 of the way done with my wonky 1930s log cabin blocks.  i'm up to 42, and i need 49.  i have my strips cut out and organized for this last set, so maybe i'll get to that this week.


 . . . unless i'm distracted by my latest obsession: fabric polaroid blocks:


i started making these for a swap about 10 days ago.  the first weekend i made a mere 30.  fast forward about 8 days and i have 188 completed blocks and another 60 or so centers cut out, some of which i attached one side to this morning before work!

here's my stack of 60 for the swap hosted by Duke Says Sew What:


i plan to make myself a pretty large quilt out of these.

in betwixt my log cabins and polaroids, i managed to squeeze in four blocks for a special project, started a baby quilt for M's niece, made a trip to the museum with my six year old niece, and a managed a wee bit of garment sewing.

kitten helped with fabric selection for the baby quilt:


and, just because, here's a gratuitous picture of the kitten doing what he does best:


goals for this week:

---> finish latest batch of fabric polaroid blocks
---> finish 1930s log cabin blocks
---> finish Giant Star baby quilt for M's niece

what have YOU been up to lately?

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