Monday, September 16, 2013

The Weekly List

first, the recap of last week:

finish scarf blouse: fail.  the fabric was a huge PITA to work with, causing me problems, and then i noticed that i had somehow managed to get a tiny hole in the front of the blouse.

BUT . . .  i cut another blouse, sans scarf pieces, out of a linen blend, to see if perhaps i could omit the side buttons and just pull it over my head.  this turned out great, and i'll show you pics later this week, together with the flared wave skirt i whipped up from the same book.  now that i know i can pull the blouse on without having buttons or a zip, i think i'll spend some time seeing if i can fix/finish the polyester voile one and mend the tiny hole.  i think some fray check might suffice.

remove paper from log cabin blocks and piece top:  Partial success.  i did get all the papers removed, but that alone took me almost three hours!  each block took 3 minutes!!!

cut and finish knit wrap: total fail.  did not even start.

nonetheless, it was a great week, with me meeting my walking goals the first few days of the week, and attending a lovely wedding this weekend.

goals for this week:

---> make second Flared Wave Skirt
---> make knit wrap
---> assemble log cabin quilt top
---> fix and finish voile scarf blouse

looks like i'll have a busy week!  how about YOU?

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smazoochie said...

You did great!
I hope there are lots of pics of Fi, I'm sure she was beautiful & her bouquet looked awesome!