Monday, September 23, 2013

The Weekly List

first, a recap:  i did fix and finish my poly voile scarf blouse finally.  in fact, i'm wearing it right now, as it happens to match a new pair of trousers i got recently but had not yet worn.  it's not fantastic, but it's okay, especially with a cardi over it.  my biggest issue with it is the length.  it really needs to be about an inch to an inch and a half longer so that it doesn't accidentally hike up and show off my belly.  there's just no need for that.  really.

i also made a second flared wave skirt.  jacey is putting buttonholes on it and the other one for me today.  yay!  apparently olias is helping!  once i get those back, then i'll show you pictures (finally!).

i tried to make a wrap, really i did.  i made a linen one.  and it's just wretched.  then i tried to make this one.  problem is, the sleeves are too freaking tight, and, of course, i don't have enough fabric to cut out larger sleeves!  not to mention, the knit fabric i used was NOT cheap, and i couldn't use a coupon on it!  so that just made me even more frustrated.  at any rate, since this was intended for my trip, and we leave wednesday, that means a trek to Jo-Ann tonight (and not the one by my house, either!) to get another yard of the fabric!!

i didn't get to the quilt top, but there's really no rush on that at all, since i'm planning it for a yet-to-be-conceived baby!

goals for this week:

---> take pictures of clothes made from ShapeShape book and post
---> finish knit drape cardi
---> pack, including a kit of handsewing and cross stitch


smazoochie said...

Ooo, your trip is soon?
Miss Jacey -- haven't seen her in AGES!
Your garment sewing looks great! You are too hard on yourself!

Fiodhna said...

Safe travels!! Have a wonderful time.