Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Weekly List

i managed to achieve all three of my sewing-related goals last week!  i cut and package my AMH charms squares for a swap, and will mail them tomorrow from my office.  on friday, after dinner, M and i made another trek to IKEA to get some more Kassett boxes, and over the weekend i got them all assembled and went through the remaining stuff in my sewing room.  i pared down my rubber stamps from a small box, a large bag, a large toolbox, and some scattered stamps, to one small and one large Kassett box!  i have a pile of stuff to drop off at goodwill, and a large bag of things to take to my quilt guild meeting next saturday to see if anyone wants any of it.  in addition to quilting stuff, there's lots of paper craft and mixed media stuff that would be great for kids project, as well as a ton of rubber stamps and ink pads.

i've been searching craigslist, but haven't yet found another birch Billy bookcase.  still, despite needing another shelf or two, i'm kind of amazed at the progress i've made in sorting through stuff, purging and organizing!

today, i pulled out what's probably my oldest WIP (circa 2002), and decided to finish it as a baby quilt for a friend who's due with a little girl next month.  turns out, it won't need as much work to complete as i had previously thought!

goals for this week:

---> mail AMH charms for swap
---> figure out borders and backing for WIP baby quilt
---> baste Hope Valley quilt

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smazoochie said...

I've been sorting crap as well -- I wonder if the Guild would like to a sort of garage swap kind of thing?