Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Weekly List

despite not feeling like doing much of anything for most of the week, i had a surprisingly productive weekend.

i got my AMH charm squares mailed off for a swap early in the week.  nothing sewing related happened after that until saturday.  i cut batting and got the hope valley quilt basted, as well as a lap-sized string quilt i whipped up two weeks ago.  then today i quilted the lap quilt with a meander, prepped a binding, and finished the handwork while watching the final episode of The Fall.  i also worked on some blocks from another pre-2011 mystery project that i found in a baggie during the latest round of cleaning and also started some new log cabin blocks from 1930s repro fabrics.

hopefully i'll keep up the sewing in the next few days.

goals for this week:

---> sew at least 5 more log cabin blocks
---> quilt hope  valley quilt
---> sew at least 5 more sawtooth star blocks

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Fiodhna said...

Oh your tv comment reminded me to tell you thanks for mentioning Newsroom when you came over! We are totally hooked and watched all of the shows that have aired pretty much back-to-back. LOL