Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Weekly List

this past week was a definite fail in terms of pre-set goals!  while i did finish the hand stitching on the binding of my purple bee blocks/improv quilt last sunday, that's as far as i got on my goals.

monday i was browsing craigslist for Ikea Billy bookshelves, as i recently decided i wanted some to reconfigure my sewing room.  i found three of the ones i wanted for $45 total, so i contacted the poster, called M, and coordinated an evening pickup.

after we got the shelves home and inside, i pulled everything out of my white antique cabinet, and put the left hand shelf and the corner shelf into place.

it's good to have help

i was totally surprised at the quantity of fabric i had shoved into this cab!

anyhow, i fairly quickly got all of my larger pieces of fabric that are wrapped around comic book boards into place on these two narrow shelves.  that's where i stopped on monday night.  needless to say, the place looked like a tornado had hit!

tuesday, before M got home, i pulled everything out of the china cabinet.  i don't have a picture of how full it was, but suffice to say it had not only MORE fabric, but also other craft crap!  i also moved the pacman game down as close to the door as i could, so that then we could slide the china cabinet down and put the remaining Billy bookshelf into place. once M got home, he moved the china cabinet and put the Billy bookshelf into place.  that's about where i stopped tuesday night.

wednesday night, we made the trek to IKEA to get a bunch of Kassett boxes to store my fat quarters and large scraps in.  that was a HUGE time suck!  but when we got home, i went ahead and assembled a couple of the boxes and sorted my FQs and larger scraps into piles by color.

thursday, i assembled the rest of the boxes and spent a lot of the day folding FQs into uniform sizes to most efficiently store them in the size boxes i got.  unfortunately, i ran out of boxes!  i'd purchased 2 large, six medium, and two small boxes, but that wasn't enough!  one large holds solids and the other holds blue FQs and large scraps.  the mediums hold creams/beiges/browns (two), pink (one), reds (one), oranges (one), blacks & greys (one), and the smalls hold purples and yellows.

i still have more blacks/greys, whites, and greens. looks like another trip to IKEA is in order!

30s repros went into a plastic shoebox with a lid, and japanese fabrics went into another. precut jelly rolls are in a plastic bucket, and FQ bundles are in a large fabric basket.

friday, i drove down to see my parents, since M had to work this weekend.  friday evening i spent four and a half hours (WTF?!?!) in an emergency care clinic getting diagnosed with a kidney infection. i spent most of the weekend curled up not doing much, until i drove back home today.



soooooo . . . . new shelving and organization pulled the focus away from sewing this week.   unfortunately, i still can't sew until i get some more boxes and get stuff put away!  next step is to take pics of the china cabinet and post it on craigslist, and i may get M to move it next door until i can find a buyer.

i'm going to try to find the one or two more shelves i need on craigslist, since if i go ahead and get the china cabinet moved, i can stack stuff in that space for now.  i'd much rather pay CL prices, no tax, and have the shelves already assembled!

so, onto the goals for this week:

---> get more boxes at IKEA and put away rest of fabric
---> sort through "other craft crap", donate stuff i won't use, and organize stuff i'm keeping
---> cut charm squares for AMH swap


Karamat said...

The new shelves look great!

smazoochie said...

Your space is looking great!
Please try to stay well!

Jacey said...

Your stash looks so good! Yay for progress!