Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What I've Been Doing Wednesday

i don't have any new pics of anything in process this week, so i thought i'd show you what i've been busy with the past few days.

last week, i finally ordered Ayumi Takahasi's book, Patchwork, Please! and it arrived on thursday.  i immediately thumbed through it to drool over all the yummy projects and tried to figure out which one to try first.

while i was still trying to decide, i went ahead and whipped up some feather blocks using some scraps of anna maria horner's field study linen i saved from being tossed at Stash Bash.

i made three large blocks and one smaller one from the rescued scraps and some linen.

three little indians

i decided the smaller one was perfectly sized for a pouch and decided to make the Triangle Patchwork Box Pouch from Ayumi's book using my feather block as the front panel instead of piecing a triangle panel.  since my block was larger than the panel she gives instructions for, i had to re-work the measurements of the pouch pieces.  the instructions for this pouch were a bit confusing, and somewhat hard to follow.  thus, it took me far longer than anticipated to complete, but i'm pleased with the end result!

a new pouch just for me!

next, i decided to try the Prettified Pincushion.

first i made a yellow one.

yellow pincushion

then a pink one.

pink pincushion

then a red one.

red pincushion

the instructions for the pincushion were much clearer and super easy to follow.  it was fun to sort through my scraps to find prints to use, and since the print fabric pieces needed are so small, i got to use some rather small scraps i'd been hoarding.  the most difficult part for me was getting the buttons sewn on tightly enough to pinch together the center of the pincushion.  i ended up doing each one a little differently to see what would work best.  i also seemed to pack more rice (my filler of choice for pincushions!) into the yellow one than the other two.

the pincushions are kind of addictive, go together pretty quickly, and are a great way to showcase tiny treasured scraps.  i've already got pieces cut out for a pale aqua pincushion to whip up this evening!


Debbie said...

Very fun projects!

ayumills said...

I am sorry instructions for the box pouch was hard to follow for you. I can see that it was difficult since you used a front panel of a different size, which meant you had to calculate the measurement for everything else. Yours turned out beautiful anyway.

Fiodhna said...

I love all of those pinnies Amy. Eek and the feather is lovely.