Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WIP Wednesday

i've been pretty lax lately about taking photos of works while they're in process.  i'd like to try to get better at it, so that i can document all the stages of my projects, not just the end result!

since last august i've been slowly working on blocks for a low-volume HST quilt.  i'd cut a bunch of fabrics and sew blocks.  then i'd trim those up. then i'd make some more.  rinse and repeat.  before i went to Stash Bash earlier in the month, i got out my pad and pencil and drew my layout.  i knew i had 144 blocks.  i thought they each finished at 6", so i was thinking a 12 x 12 layout would give me a 72" square quilt.  great, no?  no.  my blocks finish at a mere 4", so a 12 x 12 layout gives me a nice sized baby quilt!

regardless, i laid out my blocks i did have at Stash Bash and sewed them together into quads.


this week i pulled my fabrics and gathered up scraps collected from friends and cut 226 more squares and marked them for sewing HSTS. this will give me 226 more blocks for a total of 370.  this is a few more than enough for an 18 x 20 layout, which will give me a generous 72" x 80" quilt - plenty big enough to snuggle under, even if M wants to share!


i'd like to get this stack of squares sewn together, cut in two, pressed and ready to trim up at the HMQG retreat May 3-5.  with a little perseverance i might just make it happen!

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