Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WIP Wednesday

in some respects i'm still trying to catch up from being sick all of last week, but in other respects i've been pretty darn productive sewing/quilting-wise.

after several weeks of thinking, i've finally begun my mini quilt for the Fab Little Quilt Swap.  my partner has been awfully quiet in the flickr group and has only commented on a few pictures.  nonetheless, i think i have a pretty good idea of her likes/dislikes, so i'm not too worried.  besides, i kind of like where my mini is going, so if it turns out that it's not to her tastes, i'll just try something else and keep this one for myself!

i've been wanting to play around with solids again, but i didn't want my mini to be boring!  after much thought, i pulled out five shades of grey kona.  i also knew i wanted to try to work in using some of the tiny triangles i trimmed off when i made my x & + blocks.

i pulled out a notebook and started sketching.  first, i drew out a grid in a rectangular shape, wider than it is tall.  then, i colored in the squares, using five shades of greys, going from lightest in the upper left, to darkest in the lower right.

a plan for action

then i cut 2.5" squares from my five greys in the numbers i needed based on my sketch.  after that, i pulled out my baggie of triangle scraps and sorted out 96 tiny triangles.

i sewed a triangle onto each of two opposite corners of each square, so that when i assemble the blocks, they will look like tiny, improv bow ties!

so now i have all 48 blocks finished, but most still need to have the edges trimmed down before i can start assembling the top.

i even have a plan already for how i'm going to quilt this baby!  i need to make a trip to jo-ann to look at variegated thread, though, so i'm in no rush to get to that stage!

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