Monday, April 1, 2013

1st Quarter in Review: Sewing/Quilting Goals

back in january i set some goals for myself for 2013 in a number of different categories, one of which was sewing/quilting.

here's a recap of those goals:

quilting and sewing:
1.  learn to use my serger
2.  work on improving my FMQ skills
3.  complete more of my WIPs (when cleaning out, i found more pre-2012 WIPs that weren't on last year's list!)
4.  finish at least one quilt per month
5.  make at least 4 string quilts for charity
5.  make japanese plus/minus quilt
6.  make at least 3 quilts from patterns/designs i have pinned on pinterest
7.  use the fabric i have instead of purchasing more!

so, let's assess how i've done now that 2013 is one-fourth of the way over.

1.  serger gifted to me by jacey from her grandmother is still in the box she brought it over in.  oops.

2.  i have done a good bit of work on improving my FMQ skills.  lots of practicing, both on paper with a pencil and also on a variety of quilts, and trying new patterns.  i feel pretty comfortable with both a loopy meander and a regular meander now.  other patterns still need more practice!

3.  making good headway on the WIP list.  i've checked off quite a few items so far!

4.  i've definitely got this goal under control!  i've already finished TEN quilts this year, and that's not counting minis or pillows or anything like that.

5.  so far i've made two string charity quilts, and it hasn't hardly made a dent in my bags of strings!

5.  whoops!  looks like i had two items numbered 5 on my list!  i just finished the top of my japanese x & + (good thing i got the name wrong back in january!), and pieced a backing for it, and am planning to send this one out for quilting.

6.  so far i've made ashley from film in the fridge's equilateral string triangle quilt, as well as a plus block quilt i'd pinned.  there's another, different plus quilt that i'd like to make out of my joel dewberry heirloom FQs next.

7.  i've done pretty well at not buying fabric.  i did get a 1/2 yd bundle of pearl bracelets for a present in january, and i've received some other smaller amounts of fabric as gifts.  i also broke down and bought a bolt of Moda Bella Zen Grey and a bolt of a grey/white small chevron print.  whoops.  the Zen Grey was a purchase that was fine as i was out of light grey, but i really shouldn't have bought the other.

not too shabby for the first quarter.  hopefully by the time the end of the second quarter rolls around i'll have more things crossed off my WIP list and maybe i'll even have pulled out the serger!

also, Blogger tells me that this is my 300th post, so i'm going to have a giveaway here.  you know that heirloom FQ set i mentioned above? well, it turns out that even though i already had those, it seems i bought a few more FQs from the line last year because i forgot about the first ones!  so i'll be giving away a small bundle of five fat quarters from joel dewberry's heirloom line.  

if you'd like to win, just leave a comment below telling me what you like or dislike most about my blog.  for a bonus entry, leave a second comment if you subscribe to my blog.

i'll have the random number generator pick a number next sunday morning and i'll announce the winner on my Weekly List post.  


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