Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Weekly List

despite being sick all week (yesterday was  first day i felt even half-human!), i managed to accomplish both of last week's goals.  i pieced a backing for my x & + quilt and have even picked out a binding fabric.  i've been discussing quilting with a long-arm quilter, and an supposed to get some sketches today.

and, somehow, i managed to even get the green pinwheel quilt quilted.  i used this tutorial from oh, fransson! on orange peel quilting.  she made it look super easy, and i thought that especially with the small HST blocks in the pinwheel it would definitely be easy.  umm, no.  perhaps on a smaller quilt, say a mini, i'd have been able to get a better handle on the fabric or whatever, but let's just say that my shapes are nowhere near perfect.  not even close.  i don't think it will look too bad once it's washed and dried, and i guess it's not that bad for a first attempt at this kind of quilting.  anyhow, M suggested that next time i actually mark my quilting lines, and that would get me used to making the proper shape.  not a bad idea.

goals for this week:

---> handstitch binding on pinwheel quilt during Game of Thrones season 3 premiere tonight!!
---> work on blocks for FLiQs miniquilt and assemble top

what are YOU doing this week?

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