Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Weekly List (and a winner!)

first things first . . . the giveaway winner for my 300th post is . . . TAMMY (KARAMAT)!  congratulations! i didn't even have to use mr. random number generator because you were the ONLY entrant!

so, last week i accomplished my goals and then some.  i put the binding on my green pinwheel quilt and i finished trimming the blocks for the mini quilt i'm working on and got those assembled into a top.  besides that, i made not ONE, not TWO, but THREE tanks, combining the Colette Sorbetto and Wiksten patterns to achieve a tank that fits my body shape well. it's kind of addictive, now that i've figured out how to get a flattering fit by combining the two patterns!
her's the first one i made:
sorbeksten #1

here's the second one i made:
#collette #sorbeto plus #wiksten = sorbeksten!

and here's the third:
sorbeksten #3

i also managed to start and finish two pouches for swaps related to The Stash Bash, which starts on thursday, and made myself another Idea Pouch that matches the Jane Market Tote i'm taking.  i love this pouch because it's a great size/shape to hold a small cutting mat and the basic tools i need (pencil, small ruler, pointy thing for turning corners, seam ripper, large and small scissors, and a rotary cutter) plus other odds and ends like an extra spool of thread, pins, and a package of sewing machine needles!  i'm not going to show you the ones i made for the swaps, since for one of the swaps, i know my partner reads my blog, but i'll show you mine.  i even used some of my hoarded treasured Annie's Farm Stand Seed Catalogue fabric!

Idea Pouch

Idea Pouch - inside view

goals for this week:

---> pack for The Stash Bash! (we leave on wednesday!)
---> make Circle Zip Earbud Pouch for my earbuds and ipod shuffle
---> make the short sleeve version of this pattern
---> finish the pieces for my Elephant Spring Carnival pillow i started last October!

i'm taking several other projects to work on at The Stash Bash, but i don't want to set any more goals, since i've no idea just what i'll feel like sewing while i'm there!

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Becca said...

I love your tops you made.

I totally missed your giveaway, but yah Tammy!