Monday, April 15, 2013

The Weekly List

last week was insanely busy for me!  i left early wednesday morning for The Stash Bash in Georgia with safieh, jacey and tammy, and arrived home sunday night.  in between 13 hours in the car each way, we had lots of fun, with sewing, chatting, eating and making new friends.

i got a ton of stuff done, but want to keep going while i'm motivated.

i decided to use my Stitch in Color tumblers to make a lap quilt instead of a pillow, but even with borders out of the two yardage pieces i took with me, it's still small and needs another border.  i hope to add that tonight and maybe even get it basted!  i'd like to have it completely finished to drop off at the HMQG meeting on saturday.

i also got to lay out my low volume HST blocks.  i thought i had enough for a decent sized quilt, but mistakenly thought they were 6" finished blocks when really they finish at 4".  that means my 12 blocks by 12 blocks layout would only be 48" square! that makes a HUGE difference, so i've decided to make 176 more, so that i can have a 64" x 80" quilt.

i got a number of other things started, some of which are almost finished, but i'll share more about those later!

goals for this week:

---> add another border to tumbler quilt and get basted
---> quilt and bind tumbler quilt
---> cut lots more squares for low volume HSTs

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