Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thrifty Thursday (Been a Long Time, Been a Long Time)

Randalls shopping trip 4/16/2013

once upon a time i used to be a great coupon shopper.  it was like a fun game to see how much i could save and how little i could spend on groceries, household items, pet supplies.  i kept detailed spreadsheets tracking our purchases.

then i got busier, we had pretty big stockpiles of stuff, and i kind of quit couponing.

lately i've been on a cereal kick, which doesn't happen often, and it peeves me to no end to have to pay $4 a box for cereal!  i saw that this past week Randalls was having a sale on cereal and other stuff to buy 4 or more and save $1 on each item.  i also read a couple blogs with coupon match ups.  i printed some coupons online, loaded some electronically onto my Randalls loyalty card, and clipped a few from recent newspaper inserts.

i came home with 7 boxes of cereal, a box of fiber one bars, a box of brownie mix, and three 8 ounce blocks of cheese.  after sale and coupons, all of this cost me $9.48, and i have 8 Boxtops for Education for my niece's school!

and while i don't have a picture of my other shopping trip this week, i did get the following items for a whopping $19.67, no coupons involved:
1 head of leaf lettuce
2 roma tomatoes
1 large avocado
1 large cucumber
1 bunch kale
1 quart strawberries
2 individual cartons of Oikos Greek Yogurt
1 9 oz pkg deli lunchmeat
16 oz container fresh guacamole
4 bags Cracked Pepper & Sea Salt Chips
1 personal size watermelon
10 bars german dark chocolate

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