Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Weekly List

wow!  why does it always seem that the more i get done, the more i have to do?  i made some good progress this week and got done everything i had planned except for cleaning out my cookbook cabinet.  unfortunately, i found even more pre-2012 WIPS as i continued to go through my craft room! the list in my sidebar keeps growing!

i did finish FOUR WIPS this week, though.  a baby quilt, a pillow cover, and two cat mats. two cat mats because when i unfolded the one, another was folded up inside!

i posted about the baby quilt in friday's post, and the two cat mats got finished up tonight after dark, so no pics of those.

here's the pillow:
ET Phone Home Pillow

the block was a pain in my ass, and i made piping to coordinate, and it was a pain in my ass, too.  the easiest part about making this pillow was putting in a zipper under a flap in the back!

the baby quilt will be donated to charity, the pillow cover is mine to keep, and i think i'm going to surprise someone i know with the cat mats.

so far, i'm doing pretty good on my new year's resolutions, too.  M and i made a budget, i sent in another chunk of change to the mortgage company, i bought lots of fruit and veggies to eat this week, and the cleaning/organizing around the house continues.

here's what i hope to get accomplished this week:

---> finish at least one more WIP
---> try this recipe for baked zucchini fries
---> tackle the cookbook cabinet
---> if M gets the custom cabinet for my sewing room finished (he's already brought it inside, but has a few more finishing touches to add), start moving stuff to it

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