Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Why My Husband Rocks

The week before Christmas, I showed M this picture that I had pinned on Pinterest:

then i asked, nicely, if he could make some for me.  the next morning we made a trip to Home Depot.

after we got home, he got to work.

now my kitchen sink cabinet looks like this:



he still has to build an upper for the right side, but we can't put an upper drawer on the left because of the garbage disposal hogging space!

i wish i had before pics, but they would have just scared you, anyway!  suffice it to say that the entire cabinet was crammed full, but everything was unreachable!

M also made me one for the large cabinet where we store pots and pans!



Staci said...

Well he sure does ROCK! Those drawers are wonderful! I am sure you are going to enjoy them so very much.

Becca said...

Yes, he does rock. Awesome!

Fiodhna said...

Go Mark!