Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Finish

baby quilt

After yesterday's post, I was feeling motivated, so after work i pulled out the pink and black toile baby quilt parts.  Yes, the top was finished!  Then I started looking for backing and binding.  I had enough of the black/cream print used on the quilt top for the binding, but not enough for backing.  Hmmm.

Try as I might, I couldn't find another black/cream print in my stash that went with the style of the quilt.  My first thought was "can I find more of this black/cream fabric?" Then I realized I'm not supposed to buy any more fabric!  At that point I almost threw in the towel and put this project away.  Then I decided to see if I had any pink fabric I could use.  I finally found one that while not perfect, works just fine since it will be on the back of the quilt and not right next to the pinks on the front.

Turns out I didn't quite have enough of the pink, but I did have just enough of the black/cream to piece a strip in and make the back large enough!  As a bonus, I used up about a yard and a half of stash fabric!

Whew!  That part was frustrating, but then I fairly quickly prepared my binding and backing, then found a large enough piece of batting in my scrap bin.

I let the batting rest unfolded overnight to let some of the creases fall out, but today when I got home from work, I didn't dilly-dally but went straight to the sewing room to get started.  Since this quilt's a small size (32" x 36") it was super easy and quick to spray baste, and I was able to do it on the table top instead of having to crawl around on the floor!

My quilting on this one is super simple - I just quilted around the pink print rectangles - so it took less than an hour to quilt and machine stitch the binding to one side.  Then I curled up with netflix to hand stitch the binding and before too long, I had a finished baby quilt and could cross off my first finish for 2013!

I don't have a recipient for this quilt, as the intended recipient just turned (ahem) four.  whoops.  But I think it will make a great quilt to donate for charity!

Now if I can just keep up this good work for the rest of the month, and then the rest of the year!

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