Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Closer Look

today i'd like to spend a bit of time taking a closer look at my list of WIPS.
here are my WIPs, from the lists in my sidebar:


  • hope valley quilt (blocks done)
  • 3 x 6 bee quilt - orange & grey (blocks completed)
  • bunny monthly dish towels set (Jan - July embroideries done)
  • 1930s string pieced star (partly hand-quilted)
  • vintage-y grandmother's flower garden EPP (top in progress)
  • rockets new wave baby quilt (pieces cut out)
  • plaid/stars quilt (quilting in progress)
  • pink/black toile baby quilt
  • big log cabin cat mat (basted)


  • ET Phone Home block pillow
  • elephants Spring Carnival paper piecing
  • low volume HSTs lap quilt
  • solids lightning mini quilt (basted)
  • little apples drunkards path version 2.0 (blocks in progress)

some of these WIPs are much closer to being finished than others, and some i'm more motivated to work on than others. some involve handwork and make good travel projects.

to pick an arbitrary start, let's go with the bunny dishtowels.  i went full steam ahead end of December 2011 whilst recovering from foot surgery and cranked out the first six months of embroideries in a matter of days.  then i got stalled on august, because the baby bunnies' eyes looked weird, but i didn't want to rip out stitches.  fast forward 12 months, and still no progress.  i've decided to go ahead and make the dishtowels for january through july in hopes that will motivate me to get the rest of the embroideries finished!

my solids lightning mini quilt stalled because my machine that i prefer for the straightest quilting lines had to go to the repair shop, and since it came back i've just not bothered with having to wind bobbins in the colors i plan to quilt with.  i need to stop being such a lazy-ass and finish this little project up this weekend.  we're moving offices soon, and i'd like to be able to hang this in my new space!

the ET phone home block was a paper pieced pattern i decided i LOVED and made on a whim.  it was a bitch and a half to make, and there wasn't a snowball's chance in hell i was going to make more than one!  so i decided it would make a pillow cover.  i mean, i wasn't just going to pitch the single block after i spent way too much time and effort on it!  all it needs is a border around the block and it will be the right size.  i already bought a pillow form, and i think i even bought some cording so i could make piping to go around the edge.  so let's say two hours (three max) and i could cross this one off my list.  i can do this by the end of january!

the pink and black toile baby quilt is, i think, at the point where i just need to pick a backing, baste and quilt it.  since this is another super simple finish, i'd like to knock this one out by the end of january as well.

so, this gives me four projects to get done by the end of the month, not including anything else i decide to work on.  i think that's a realistic goal, so let's see how i do.

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