Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Low volume HST blocks

i've got my two planned projects going this week, and so far, so good.

i've started making my low volume HSTs, and i have more charms cut.  if my math is right ;-) if i start with 60 pairs of print/solid fabrics, that makes 120 HSTs, which finish at 4", and a layout of 10 x 12 will give me a quilt 40" x 48".  hmmmm. i'd like it to be more like 48" x 60"  so if i work backwards, that's a 12 x 15 layout, which means 180 HSTs, so 90 pairs of charms.  whew!  too much math for this morning!

i'm working on these a bit at a time, because there's one part of making HSTs i dread:

my least favorite part of HSTs

i also got the layout for M's surprise concert t quilt planned.

Layout for M's t-shirt quilt

liz suggested i add sashing to the side of each block to bring them all to a standard width, in this case it will be 15" finished.  then adding sashing to get the correct height of each column of blocks to 72" will be easy and then i can just stitch the four columns together, easy peasy!

all the while i've sewed this week, ringo's kept me company.  sometimes he plays; he's great at amusing himself with a pencil, or a scrap of fabric, or an empty box.  other times he sacks out after playing hard.

kitteh dreams of quilting!

i'm convinced he's dreaming of the special quilt mom will make him soon!


smazoochie said...

You & Ringo are ROCKING it!

Staci said...

Love your low volume squares. So soothing!
Look, they soothed Ringo right to sleep!
What a little cutie!

Miss Daisy totaled a lamp in the living room yesterday. And she is so sweet I forgave her with kitties!!!

Jacey said...

Yay!! Your low volume blocks look great, and I love the layout you've planned for Mark's quilt! I want to steal that supertramp block... xo to you and Ringo!