Monday, September 24, 2012

The Weekly List

i had a pretty productive week, although it didn't exactly start out that way.  i made pajama pants:

PJ pants - too small :(

sadly, these turned out too small for me, so i gifted them to safieh.

so i went shopping for some more flannel, bought a pattern this time, and made myself a second pair.  these turned out waaaaaay too big, so i had to take in several inches on the outside of each leg, and cut about two inches off the waistband to bring the crotch up so it wasn't down at my knees!

PJ pants that fit!

i also finished the top for M's t-shirt quilt, pieced a backing, and got it basted at tonight's Houston Modern Quilt Guild sew-in, with a little help from gabikarri, and sally.

M's t-shirt quilt

my bernette should be ready to pick up from mr ahmed's tomorrow, so when M is gone again i'll be ready to quilt and bind that sucker!

goals for this week:

--> quilt M's t-shirt quilt
--> pick binding fabric and prep binding for M's quilt
--> stitch a waterproof zipper pouch using oilcloth
--> work on low-volume HSTs

this week ringo learned how to jump up in the bathroom sink!  i think this week his goal is to learn how to jump up to the top of the bookshelves like the big cats!



Jacey said...

I'm glad you made another pair of pants! And the quilt top looks awesome! I wish I'd been there last night with you guys!

Fiodhna said...

We wish you had been too Jacey! Amy, I'm guessing M doesn't read your blog or surely you wouldn't be throwing out pictures of gifts. Hmm. Maybe it's not a surprise.

Fiodhna said...

Can you tag someone in a blogger response? I don't know how to do these things... obviously.