Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Weekly List

so, i guess i've been MIA for a bit now.  sorry about that!  i also haven't been sewing nearly as much as i'd intended!

i've caught the low-volume fever, and i ordered 10 different kona solids in a range of neutrals to use to make HSTs.

low volume solids

i've cut some prints, too.

low volume prints

and i've been marking my charms to make HSTs.

marking squares for HSTs

after i got all of M's old concert t-shirts interfaced and cut into usable blocks for his surprise birthday quilt, i stalled.  he was coming home, and i didn't want him to see them.  he's gone again most of this week, though, so i'd like to get my layout planned so i can calculate my different sashing strips and get those cut.  because the blocks are all different sizes, based on their individual designs, it's going to require a bit of planning.

goals for this week:

--> sew low volume HSTs
--> plan layout for M's t-shirt quilt
--> cut sashing for M's t-shirt quilt

what have YOU got planned for this week?

the kitties have more napping planned!

ringo and mr. bat

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Jacey said...

Ringo's getting bigger!! Your LV charms look great! And I just saw your calculator on the side. Well done, Amy!! Hope to see you soon!