Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WIP Wednesday

why plastic bags come with warnings
why plastic bags come with warnings - gotta watch this little fella!

last weekend, jacey, liz and gabi encouraged me to start putting together a t-shirt quilt for M out of his old concert t-shirts that were just sitting in a bag in my sewing room.  i sorted through the shirts, and since there were sooooooo many, jacey suggested making TWO quilts - one with the concert t-shirts and a second with sports and university shirts.

brotherly snuggles - ringo and mister bat

bat and ringo thought this was a stellar idea.  at least, they would have if they hadn't snoozed through the discussion!

late sunday night and monday i roughly cut out the designs from the concert shirts.  there are a lot. seriously.  and most are pretty large.  this is going to be a pretty big quilt!

it's hard work being the littlest kitty in the house

ringo found this to be pretty exhausting!

tuesday night i ironed on interfacing to the back of about half the pieces and trimmed them down, and tonight i'll finish.

M's out-of-town job isn't going so well, so it looks like he'll be gone longer than expected.  if i can pick a sashing fabric, it looks like i'll be able to get the top finished before he comes back!

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Jacey said...

Oh, not good! Tell Ringo to stay away from power lines, too! I still can't believe how cute Ringo and Mr. Bat were together.