Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Weekly List

last week i ended up not doing much sewing after all.  also, i just couldn't figure out what to do with the Jennifer Paganelli FQs, so i've abandoned that project for a while.  i also failed to get either of my sewing machines over to mr. ahmed to get fixed!

i did get my solid chevrons doubled in size to about 17" x 13", the perfect size for a mini quilt for my office.  i've got the backing done, too, and have it basted.  but since i plan to use colored thread to quilt, and my bernette does the best straight stitch, i need to get it to mr. ahmed for fixing before i quilt.  theoretically i could use my Singer 301A, but it's in a cabinet buried under a mountain of crap.

this week, i plan to do a lot of sewing.  first, M is out of town.  second, today i started a medically supervised 23 day HCG weight loss protocol.  that means that beginning tuesday, for three weeks, i'll be eating a very low calorie diet in conjuction with taking sublingual HCG.  even though the HCG should act, in part, as an appetite supressant, i know that a lot of times i eat because i'm bored and if i keep myself busy, i don't feel the need to be shoveling food in my mouth!  that means i'll need to focus on sewing so that i make it easier on myself to stick to the protocol!  as a side note, you'll see that on the sidebar to the right, below my profile pic, i put in a weight tracker to count down my loss on the HCG protocol.  my goal is to lose 16.4 lbs, so check in to see how i'm doing and feel free to cheer me on.

today i pulled low volume fabrics from my stash, with the help of some friends, and i'm going to play around with those this week, too.

goals for this week:

---> sew instead of snacking!
---> make 2 pair of low volume square in square blocks for HMQG raffle
---> cut sashing for hope valley quilt
---> fuse t-shirts and cut out blocks for t-shirt quilt for M's bday (11/16)

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Jacey said...

I hope you get lots of sewing one this week! I know it's going to be challenging to get through the next few weeks, but you can do it! If you need me, you know where I am!