Friday, September 28, 2012

A Friday Finish

wide opening pouch

one of the things on my to do list for a while has been to make myself a cute toiletry bag for traveling.  i had several oilcloth prints on hand because i'd purchased them earlier in the summer intending to make the lunchbox from Pink Penguin's tutorial.  i needed a quick and easy project this week because i caught the plague from my co-worker and have been home sick but was bored with just sleeping!

i had seen noodlehead's open wide zippered pouch tutorial and thought it would be perfect for what i had in mind.  being a bit fuzzy-headed from the plague, i couldn't wrap my head around the finished size of the three sizes of the noodlehead pouch, so i decided i'd make the small first, and if it was too small, i'd move up to the medium or large size.

this was my first time sewing with oilcloth, and it wasn't too bad.  i ended up skipping the topstitching, and next time i'd leave a larger-than-usual opening for turning, as the waterproof sides of the fabric sort of stuck together.

i had the right size zipper for the small size pouch in a red that coordinated with my outer fabric and my lining.    i chose the large cherry print for outside and a gingham for inside.  i also had the gingham in red and white, but am glad i chose to use the black and white.

wide opening pouch

while the small size is, well, small, it's just right for the few items i need for a few days away:

wide opening pouch

everything fits nicely inside, even though it was kind of close with the length of the toothbrush!

wide opening pouch


smazoochie said...

Very cute!
I'm still on the steep side of the learning curve with zippered pouches.
Feel better!
p.s. thanks for doing the streak of lightning QAL!

Jacey said...

It's great! I love that print. I've been wanting to try Anna's tutorial, too.