Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WIP Wednesday


i hadn't planned on having a post for today.  yesterday was the first day i've felt even halfway human since last wednesday, and i haven't done much except lie in bed and cough and play spider solitaire! 

but yesterday afternoon, i spent a (very) few minutes in my sewing room.  i had printed out a pattern for a simple baby bib and burp cloth, and i had some flannel scraps given to me by one of my sisters-in-law.  the scraps were long, narrow rectangles, apparently left over from some baby gift she had made.  since i didn't have enough of any single print to cut an entire bib or burp cloth, i cut halves, so i could piece them together.

today i stayed home again, though i have been working!  i took a break while i was waiting for some docs to be emailed to me and whipped up one bib and burp cloth in less than half an hour!  it wouldn't have taken that long if a) i'd had a serger and/or b) i hadn't dithered about the bib closure until i finally realized i had a gazillion snaps!

these turned out super cute and were so easy, especially if you need a quick last minute gift! oh, and they are both reversible, too! 001

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