Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Weekly List

amazingly i completed everything on my list from last week! yay!  i finished my row robin quilt, and it's in the laundry now, so i'll take pics later.  i also got the sashing and binding strips cut for my 1930s quilt, and i arranged the blocks the way i want them.  finally, i got all of my little apples drunkard's path blocks sewn!

goals for this week:

--> host a giveaway on my blog to celebrate my upcoming 200th post!
--> decide on what to do with little apples blocks (either make another set to make a baby quilt, or make four larger blocks to make a baby quilt using the smaller ones as a border, or something else entirely)
--> assemble 1930s quilt top

1 comment:

Jacey said...

You are rockin' and rollin'! I really am just stunned when I look over at your list to the left. So many things say DONE!

It was fun to hang out for a bit yesterday!