Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Epic Fail (or why i don't get to quilt when i'm hungry)

those of you that know me in real life know that my blood sugar drops when i don't eat and then i get kind of . . . fuzzy mentally.  and cranky, but that's not the point!

my parents came to visit this weekend, and on saturday my mom and i hung out a lot in my sewing room.  while she worked on a baby gift, i laid out my 1930s quilt blocks into a pleasing arrangement so that i could begin sewing the sashing to the blocks and the blocks into rows.  by the time i was working on this, it was getting close to dinner time.  when i laid out my blocks, i came up one short!  now, two weeks ago i had counted out my blocks and planned the quilt to make it fit a full size bed.  at that time i'd calculated i was three blocks short of the thirty i needed, so i whipped up three more.

i was frustrated that somehow i had miscounted, but i resigned myself to making another block.  as i was sorting through my 30s fabrics i came across a block i had salvaged from liz.  it was a simple ninepatch, but was a bit larger than i needed.  since i could put it on an edge that wouldn't be as prominent, i just trimmed it down to size!

sunday, i started stitching my sashing on and sewing the blocks into rows.  i had finished two and was giving the third a good pressing when i mentioned to my mom that with only two rows to go, i'd be finished soon.  her reply: you have three more rows laid out on the floor! sure enough, i had laid out my blocks into 6 rows of 6 blocks each!  apparently, i had removed duplicate blocks in counting out my needed thirty, and they had somehow ended up back in my stack of blocks to use!

now, i had already cut all my sashing and border pieces based on my original scheme, and i didn't have any more of the fabric, which i had ordered online.  since it was feeding time again when i discovered this fail, mom suggested (wisely!) that i not make any decisions until after we ate.  i ultimately decided to consolidate rows 5 and 6, using the six blocks i liked best.  that way i would have a 6 x 5 block layout that would be the size i'd planned.

what i failed to take into account was that since the new rows were 6 blocks long, and my plan had me stitching them into rows of 5, my long sashing pieces were too short! FAIL!!!!!

i subsequently decided that since i had five long sashing strips but now only needed four, i would just piece the extra length i needed onto each of four strips and live with it!  this quilt is going on our guest bed, so i won't be looking at it all the time, so maybe it won't bother me as much!

and the moral of this story: don't let me quilt (any part of the process) when i'm hungry!!!

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