Saturday, March 17, 2012

new (old) furniture

about a month ago, M - at the request of his ex-wife - agreed to give his son our guest bedroom furniture for the apartment he's moving into in august. i was cool with that. the furniture was M's bedroom set before we got married, and while it wasn't bad, i didn't really like it that much.

since then, i've been keeping an eye out on craigslist for replacement furniture. we needed to stay with a full/double size bed, because the room is pretty small, and it turns out this just isn't a common size. i also wanted something with a vintage feel. and did i mention i'm frugal and don't like to spend a lot of money?

with all of these qualifications, i hadn't seen anything i was in love with . . . until last week. i found an ad for a double bed frame and matching armoire. i had really hoped to get a complete set, so i wouldn't have to add other pieces later and have coordination issues. this set was so gorgeous, though, and such a great price, that i was willing to just get the two pieces.

i went and looked at the set on wednesday and agreed to buy it. even better, to get it out of their house sooner, the sellers offered to deliver it for free on thursday night! they delivered it and put the pieces in our office, where we're keeping them until we can put the old furniture in M's office/warehouse.

once i had the pieces in my possession, i noticed more peeling/chipped places in the veneer than i had noticed initially, but mark says he can fix a lot of it, even though it will mean sanding and re-varnishing.
006note the missing pieces of veneer along the bottom of the doors
007just a few minor scratches and some veneer chipping/peeling which M can easily fix
008close up of the carving detail at the bottom edge of armoire and bed frame

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Jacey said...

The furniture is awesome! I'm glad you found some pieces that you're really excited about.