Sunday, March 18, 2012

i like lists

at saturday's meeting of the houston modern quilt guild, a couple people mentioned how well i was doing finishing up WIPS. i replied that i really just liked being able to cross things off my list - in case you're reading this via feed, i have a WIP list on the right side of my blog and i update it everytime i have a finish.

today i decided i need a list for this week in order to keep on track with various projects.


this afternoon i finally started my blocks for the 3 x 6 bee. i need to make five blocks, one for each person in my hive in the colors she has selected. mailing deadline is coming up on april 15th, and i needed to quit procrastinating. two months ago i had gotten it in my head to make min-swoon blocks for this bee. thenthat started to seem too complicated. i tried to pick another block today, but just kept coming back to the swoon.

i picked out fabrics, cut, sewed, pressed, and finished the first one, pictured above, for staci. i picked fabric and got all of the components finished for the second block.

which brings me back to a list for this week . . .

sewing goals
monday - finish red, white, black mini-swoon; work on surprise project
tuesday - pick fabrics for purple and tangerine mini-swoon, cut out pieces
wednesday - no time for sewing! order wedding present for J&E
thursday - sew components for purple and tangerine mini-swoon (finish if possible)
friday - no time for sewing!
saturday - pick fabrics for purple, chartreuse, grey mini-swoon, cut out pieces
sunday - finish purple, chartreuese, grey mini-swoon

if i stick to my list, by this time next week i should have four of my five blocks done and be in great shape to get all done and mailed by april 15th!


Staci said...

Thank you so very much! I can't wait for it to arrive! I really love it.

Jacey said...

The block is awesome! It is ambitious to do mini-swoons for the bee, but you'll be a pro at them by the time you're done!