Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Finish

on wednesday night i was super-productive and finished not one but TWO things!
cailynn's baby quiltnice and crinkly from the dryer
first, i finished the baby quilt i whipped up super quick for M's niece cailynn. i needed a quilt sooner than anticipated because of a confusion on her due date plus a shower on way short notice. i'm pleased with the final result! i've got it washed and dried and now i just need to wrap it up and drop it with my sister-in-law to take to the shower on saturday!
Cailynn's baby quilt - finished!i love the orange polka dot i used for binding
 cat tested - cat approvedcat tested - cat approved!
011closeup of the quilting - i love how this turned out!

second, i finished my project for the HMQG scrap swap challenge. i had drawn a baggie of scraps belonging to my friend Liz and i was supposed to make her something from those scraps. her scraps included four large blocks about 18" square each, plus other strips of the same fabrics used in the blocks. after careful consideration, i decided to make a pillow, since the strips weren't the right width to make more blocks of the same kind. i used one block, with narrow strips attached to all four sides for the front, and used two blocks, with extra added, to make an envelope closure for the back. i quilted the front only, in a simple radiating straight line pattern from the left center of the pillow, extending out at different angles to the top, right and bottom of the pillow. i had intended to make a piping to add, but didn't stop on my way home wednesday, then got in a sewing groove and went ahead and finished the whole thing before i realized i'd intended to wait to sew front to back until thursday, so i could still add piping! no matter - it still looks cute, and i hope she likes it.

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Jacey said...

The finished quilt is lovely! I'm glad it's Ozzie-approved. Do you think he believes he is camouflaged against the orange? ;)