Sunday, February 5, 2012


12" swoon
lots of people i quilt with and lots of my online quilting buddies have jumped on the swoon bandwagon recently. i've been admiring all the lovely blocks, but really couldn't justify a new project when i'm finally gaining momentum working on my long list of UFOs.

when the need for a star block for a project came up, i struggled with making a choice, and finally figured out that i really wanted to make the swoon block, except it was too big. the swoon finishes at a whopping 24" and i needed a 12" block. fortunately, my quilting friend frieda helped me with the math, and i whipped up a mini-swoon! at first i wasn't sure about my fabric choices, but i love love love it! and now i want to make a ton of them. in fact, i signed up for the first quarter of 2012 3 x 6 bee, and i may end up making these for my hive members . . . we'll see.


Staci said...

Yes! Yes!! Yes yes yes yes yes! You should make these for your hive members! Yes!!

Jacey said...

Very cool, Amy! I like the idea of making it a smaller block, too. I hope you're having a great week!