Monday, February 6, 2012

Meal Plan Monday

this week is where things start to get a little difficult around here for meal planning purposes. you see, M has an out of town job to do where he'll be gone from sunday afternoon/early evening through late thursday night for the next few weeks. and left to my own devices, i tend to be a grazer, wandering through the kitchen eating a chocolate here, a handful of chips there. i find it hard to make myself eat an actual meal when it's just me. this week, though, i'm gonna try, and i think having a plan in place might make it a little easier, especially since i've tried to include meals that will provide at least one dinner plus a lunch to take to work later in the week. so here goes . . .

monday - shredded chicken tacos (i'll cook the chicken in the crockpot while i'm at work to make it super simple, and since i'm cooking up a whole bag of frozen chicken breasts i'll have enough for a lunch or two, plus enough to freeze to have tacos again next week!)
tuesday - birds eye frozen meal in a bag
wednesday - chicken spaghetti
thursday - bertolli frozen meal for 2
friday - date night
saturday - dinner out
sunday - chicken quesadillas

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