Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIP Wednesday


if you're wondering where my black and white log cabin quilt i posted about last week is, well, it's still the cats fave napping spot.

since i can't bring myself to take it away from them yet, i took some time last week to go through some pink and orange blocks i had lying around. i had 9 wonky ninepatch blocks from when i taught the other members of the Houston Modern Quilt Guild how to make these blocks using Elizabeth Hartman's technique back in February 2010. i also had a large stack of coordinating wonky stars made by a virtual bee i was in around the same time. my initial thought was to mix both blocks into one quilt top, but then i saw that i had more stars than i'd remembered. i ended up piecing 20 of the star blocks together into five rows of four blocks each, making it 36" x 45". i immediately set out to select backing, and had made what i thought was a good choice of two fabrics to piece together for the backing and a third to use for binding. i made the mistake of asking M what he thought, though. he really disliked my favorite of the two fabrics i'd picked for the back, and so i let him sway me and set the fabrics aside for an entire week.

last night i had dinner with some friends, also quilters, and then we came back to my house for some sewing. i showed them the fabrics i'd picked and they re-affirmed my initial choice. with the decision made, i went ahead and pieced the two fabrics into a backing, then cut strips of the third fabric for the binding.
i'm pretty sure this little quilt is destined for a baby girl who will be making her appearance in a couple of months, but who knows . . . i could change my mind!

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