Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday FInish

Red and aqua string quilt
this past week i had another small finish - a quilt to be donated to the charity that Houston Modern Quilt Guild is supporting this year. last fall i had made a stack of red and aqua stringblocks with bits left over from other projects, intending to sash them together for a quilt for charity, but never got it done.

i got them sashed, then was motivated by safieh to try out free motion quilting on my Singer 301A i bought last year but hadn't really used yet. i ordered a darning foot from amazon, and got everything set up. an initial test showed my machine just needed a slight tweak of the tension, and i was good to go.

safieh came over for quilting and brought her Singer 301A to free motion quilt a charity quilt she had assembled. and we were off . . . everything was going great! until i ran out of thread in my bobbin. i stopped, and wound a new bobbin, then ran out of upper thread. the only white thread i could find was a vintage spool of polyester blend, which usually doesn't pose any problems for me with my other machines. well, the 301A was a bit more particular! nasty knotting in the bobbin, big gnarled loops on the bottom of the fabric, a huge mess! even after replacing the needle and changing back to "good" thread, i still couldn't get the tension right again and finally just decided to let my 301A have a rest!

i finished the FMQ on my brother, then finished up the binding by hand. and viola - another WIP crossed off my list! the quilting is just a swirly random pattern only within the blocks. the border and sashing were narrow enough that no additional quilting was needed.

note: apologies for the crappy iPhone picture. i'll try to get some better ones and upload them today.

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