Monday, August 15, 2011

a little bit of this, a little bit of that

Tasty dinner
M picked me up at work today since i had to leave my car at the shop overnight, so by the time we stopped at randalls on the way, it was almost 7 om by the time we got home. he needed to do some wuick paperwork, so i went ahead and prepped my lunch for tomorrow. then he asks what we're doing for dinner. i don't know. he suggests we just forage and offers to eat the leftover pizza from saturday night. i agree, since this means i won't just be tossing it next weekend when i clean out the fridge. for myself, i make the tasty salad pictured above - fresh spinach, tomatoes, feta cheese and thinly sliced filet mignon. while i'm eating i finally realize the ulterior motive behind M's suggestion: pre-season football was on tv tonight and he wanted to watch without missing any of the game.

during commercial breaks i did manage to get him to vacuum seal in one pound bags all of the roasted hatch green chilies we bought this weekend. sadly, a pile of vacuum sealed bags filled with roasted chilies just doesn't photgraph well, at least not for me!
Mug rug
so, while he watched football, i whipped up a little gift for my cousin. her birthday was earlier this month and we're having a belated b-day dinner at benihana on wednesday. anyway, i stitched up this mug rug using hexies i've made stitched together and machine appliqued onto a linen background using my machine's herringbone stitch. i machine stitched the binding, too, but wish i hadn't. it would have looked much better if i'd done it by hand and wouldn't have taken long on something this small. nonetheless, i decided not to pick it out and redo, since she won't notice anyway.

while i was handstitching the hexies for the mug rug, ozzie came to keep me company, then bat joined him. first there was grooming, then wrestling.

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Staci said...

Enjoyed watching the kitties battle! Isn't it fun to watch them play together? Unless, of course they decide to do it right over the top of you!