Wednesday, August 10, 2011

this week's fixations

Embroidery for fiatcat1
. . . embroidery. i've whipped up the embroidery for one of the blocks for this quarter's embroider-bee. when the last round ended, i bought this book, determined to learn how to do more than just a back stitch and french knots. yesterday i took the plunge and tried out the chain stitch on a block for fiatcat1. i enjoyed myself so much that i stitched up a small pattern i had traced weeks ago and had hooped up and ready to go:
Faux bois bunny
mr. rabbit is done entirely in a chain stitch, except for his eye. the pattern is a freebie from Lucky Kitty.

. . . the kids. miss kitty had been acting lethargic and not herself, so on monday i left work early and took her into the vet. they took blood and urine for tests and did some type of ultrasound, but i won't get results until tomorrow (well, today really, since it's after midnight). i did make sure she nibbled on a bit of kibble monday night, and tuesday morning it was clear she was feeling better because she joined the rest of the herd for the morning feeding, which she hadn't done for days. tuesday night she was active and engaged, and you could just tell she was feeling better.

mr. bat has developed a new habit in the past week or so - sleeping in my bathroom sink. clearly, i must work in brushing my teeth around HIS schedule.

. . . skinny cow. tonight i picked up these at HEB after pilates. i ate one before dinner. i wanted another after dinner, but resisted. seriously. these.are.tasty. go get some. now. and bring them to me.


Staci said...

Glad Miss Kitty is feeling better, and I am sure you are relieved! Loved seeing Mr. Bat in the sink! Our little Daisy sometimes thinks that is an ideal napping spot. Murphy likes to sleep in the bathroom window sill and he is there so often we don't even notice sometimes. This is a bad thing, because if you are in there to take care of business, he sometimes drops right down on you! Very disconcerting to have a 13 pound cat land on you when your britches are down around your ankles!

Your little stitcheries are so cute, and I'm going to check out that book! Thanks for the heads up about it.

Hollie said...

I love that red and aqua heart! It's gorgeous!