Thursday, March 3, 2011

the boots and the epic fail

so, remember this post from two weeks ago? well, the boots arrived, but because i had one foot bandaged up, the box sat, unopened. until tonight. i worked late, grabbed some chinese on the way home, then got in around 8:30 pm. i was tired, and knew i didn't really have the energy to work on any sewing, but since i'm feeling better foot-wise, i decided that i'd try on the boots, at least on my right foot, just to make sure they fit around the calf.


the david tate black boots are apparently "plus size" wide width. um, yeah. before any give related to the expandable panel in the back, the calf measures 20" at its widest. my calf only measures 15". epic fail #1.

the bruno magli brown boots however, can't be zipped past a few inches above my ankle. seriously guys. my calves aren't fat. they're not stick thin, but they're normal sized. epic fail #2.

and then there's the lovely corso como boots. the ones that snap up the back, with the removable shaft so they can be worn as ankle boots. well, after much stretching and struggling i was able to get the boot snapped all the way to the top. only the top two snaps were an issue, and mostly just the 2nd from the top. well, while i could get them snapped, they reveal an unfortunate sliver of skin bulge where the two sides of the shaft come together in the back. according to the product description, the shaft circumference was supposed to be 15 1/2". well, i measured, and my calves are 15" exactly. i really, really like these, though, and they're such a lovely color, though darker than picture, that i think i'll keep them and work on slimming down the calves before next winter. i mean, how hard can it be to take off a mere 1/2"? [update: while looking for new boot possibles, i found the corso como quaint on amazon for $23 les than i paid, so i think i may just return these anyway, then order the ones from amazon, since shipping is free.]

in other news, i knew i was getting an increase to my hourly rate, because the rate at which my work is billed to the client had been approved for an increase. today i got the $$ info, and it was applied to my february invoice submitted today. yippee!


Bry said...

And that right there is why I do not own a single pair of knee high boots much to my dismay!

I start with Nine West and work my way up price and designer wise and it is never consistent! Some are huge and others tiny! Drives me absolutely bonkers.

AllieKatMom said...

That is the only thing that sucks about buying online, you cant try them on to make sure it works before hand.
YAY for the raise though! That is awesome!

Hope your foot is healing!

Staci said...

Oh! What a bummer! You were so excited about your footwear purchase!
Good thing you have wonderful kitties to console you, and some more $$$, which is always nice!